Meyer Lemon Curd

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Many people associate lemons as being part of the summer produce rotation but oddly enough they are a winter fruit, with their brightness punctuating the dreary, rainy season here in Northern California.  It’s really quite wonderful to see our local farmers markets now showcasing an abundance of citrus fruit such as mandarins, grapefruits and Meyer lemons alongside the heavy root vegetables that define the winter season.

If you’re not familiar with the fruit, Meyer lemons are a cross between a lemon and an orange or mandarin with much of the tartness giving way to a light, floral sweetness.  Therefore their bright flavor is a natural, welcome swap in a traditional lemon curd.

It’s rich, silky texture is perfect as a spread on toast, scones and muffins or swirled into yogurt.  So, grab some lemons and get cooking!  You really can’t go wrong!

Meyer Lemon Curd

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Breakfast Popsicles

It’s getting into triple digits here in Northern California, so making my traditional eggs or oatmeal for breakfast isn’t quite as appetizing as a frozen yogurt treat. Especially since I am up super early with the babe and will attempt to squeeze in a run before 8 a.m. Because I want something quick and need something to cool me off, I have been eating these as my default breakfast for a few days now. So, I share with you a how-to for these babies and a strong suggestion to eat popsicles for breakfast!  Actually, it’s not as strange as it sounds because they’re just swirls of Greek yogurt and the Roasted Strawberry-Vanilla Bean Jam from my earlier post.

I sweetened the Greek yogurt with a Honey & Sea Salt Caramel that I keep in the refrigerator for just such an occasion, however I am sure a natural sweetener of your choice would work just as well.



  • Zoku popcicle molds {or mold of your choice}
  • about 1 cup greek yogurt
  • sweetener of choice to taste
  • about 1 cup of Roasted Strawberry Vanilla-Bean Jam

**This made about 5 popsicles, so adjust the amount of Greek yogurt and jam according to your tastes.**


I mixed the Honey & Sea Salt Caramel with the Greek yogurt in a bowl first and then layered it with the Roasted Strawberry Vanilla-Bean Jam in my Zoku popsicle molds.  Fill to the “fill line” and using a skewer, I swirled the mixture together leaving streaks of red and white.  I popped the molds into the freezer overnight and the next morning I had a delicious, healthy breakfast treat!


Recipe for Honey & Sea Salt Caramel from Bare Root Girl

  • 1 cup honey
  • 2/3 cup coconut cream {I used Trader Joe’s}
  • 1 vanilla bean, seeds removed
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 tbs organic, unsalted butter

In a medium saucepan, combine honey, coconut cream, vanilla bean seeds, and sea salt and place over medium low heat.  Mix thoroughly and place a candy thermometer in the pot.  Heat the mixture to 300F, about 30 minutes, or until the sauce thickens greatly and turns a dark caramel color.  Remove from heat, add vanilla extract and butter, and whisk together until creamy.

**This is an amazing sauce to keep on hand as I have used it in my iced coffee, on ice cream and now these popsicles!  So yum.**

{Roasted} Strawberry Vanilla-Bean Jam

Summer in northern California provides an abundance of fresh, hand-picked strawberries that are found in these little stands dotted along the side of the road in areas near our house.  Coming from central Illinois, where the most abundant crops were soybeans and corn, I couldn’t get over the fact that we instead have strawberry fields and the ability to purchase our fruit directly from the growers themselves.  The bright juiciness of these strawberries can’t and won’t ever compare to those in found in the grocery store.  Eating local never tasted so good!


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