Crispy Peanut Butter-Honey Granola

PB granola 4

Halloween has come and gone and turned out to be much less eventful than anticipated.  I was so excited for my son’s first Halloween, especially because my father was in town and able to experience this holiday with us.  We had plans to attend a fall festival in the morning that his baby class was hosting, which would probably have been cuteness overload.  My husband’s aunt handmade the most adorable bear costume that was worn all of 10 minutes for pictures…and that was that.  However my 9 month-old ended up sleeping through all the holiday festivities and with only one group of trick-or-treaters stopping by, it felt like a regular Saturday.  Now we are left with almost an entire box of full-size candy bars (these kids didn’t know what they were missing out on!) and my willpower not to eat one every time I pass them in the hall.

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