Polenta Bowl with Sautéed Greens & Soused Tomatoes

This is one of those comforting meals I rely on on those days when dinner has become an afterthought.  Hearty and filling, polenta bowls are pretty easy to throw together but can also be completely customizable because of the blank canvas it presents.  My tried and true toppings to this polenta bowl are a simple, salt and peppered bunch of sautéed kale and quick-roasted cherry tomatoes with a bit of olive oil and Italian spices.  However, this time I was inspired by a few different sources and changed up the flavors a bit.  Molly Yeh (from one of my favorite blogs, mynameisyeh.com) used pilpelchuma for her potato salad here.  This intrigued because it’s a spice I had never used before but actually had on hand…weird, I know.  Pilpelchuma is found in Libyan cuisine and thankfully at Trader Joe’s as well.  It’s a spice blend consisting of chili, garlic, cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin and caraway that I was sure would be too spicy for me, because I am a wimp.  I was pleasantly surprised!  It gives the polenta a smoky flavor with a kick of spice at the finish.  Combining pilpelchuma polenta with Tara O’Brady’s soused tomatoes, make this polenta bowl completly packed with flavor.

Polenta Bowls 4

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